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We created the Launchpad Workout Series after receiving valuable feedback from LIVEexercise members.

Many of them wanted to do the workouts but were simply not at a high enough level to participate.

So off to the drawing board we went. One of our main goals was to make the workouts possible for even the most de-conditioned individuals.

The bottom line: we succeeded! The response to this program has been incredible, especially since Rob G helps lead the workouts, even though he was over 500 lbs.

EVERYONE can increase mobility and feel better from these fun and effective classes. If you have just about lost all hope of getting in better shape - START HERE!
You already have the equipment!
What good would these amazing workouts be, if you were required to purchase something else to get started?

We know that convenience is key. That's why you can get started with items that you already have right in your own home.

Create resistance with soup cans, pillows, water jugs, and even your own body weight.
Benefits - What will you get from these workouts?
Better Flexibility/Mobility
One of the worst afflictions that affects people who are inactive is a loss of mobility.

The only way to become more mobile is to gently move the joints to bring blood flow back to area. Launchpad workouts are designed to do just that!
Increased Strength
If your muscles are not strong, they will not be able to handle the tasks of daily life.

Launchpad workouts are designed to strengthen your muscles with the easiest and most effective exercises. All you have to do is follow along :)
Calorie And Fat Burning
There's only  one way to start bringing down your weight - you have to burn more calories than you take in, every day.

How can you help this process? By burning EXTRA calories with exercise! Each of these super fun, 30-minute sessions is designed to help your burn those calories.
Start your transformation today for a better tomorrow!
Don't hesitate to start making improvements to your health and quality of life.
Choose one of the workout stages below and begin your new life within minutes.
We will be encouraging and supporting you every step of the way!
Take that first step! Choose the best option for you!
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